Case Studies: Sipahh

  • Social Media Case Study: Sipahh
  • FB Social Media Case Study: Sipahh
  • Facebook Social Media Case Study: Sipahh
  • Like and Win Social Media Case Study: Sipahh
Category: Social Media | "Facebook promotion with unique codes and instant win mechanic."

Zoo Advertising provided us with a brief for a Facebook campaign for Sipahh - exciting flavoured straws that turn regular milk into milkshakes in an instant.

Promotional Packs included a thank you note from Peter Baron, the Aussie Dad who invented Sipahh. On the back of the thank you note, was a 6 digit unique code that users took to the Sipahh Facebook page to see if they were an instant winner.

We automated the entry mechanic with 245,000 unique codes, live dashboard of entries as well as instant winner emails to all the winners.

Case Studies: Glue Store

  • SMS Marketing Case Study: Glue Store
  • SMS Sending Case Study: Glue Store
  • TXT Marketing Case Study: Glue Store
  • Australian SMS Marketing Case Study: Glue Store
Category: SMS | "SMS VIP offers to a national optin customer database"

Regular customers of Glue Store are able to join into the store's VIP program in store. Special offers and exclusive VIP deals are then communicated to VIP's on a regular basis using text messaging.

The SL Interactive SMS Messenger system has been managing the SMS sends as well as the automated optout mechanism very successfully for a number of years now.

The SMS text offers are well timed, valuable and the retailer can always see a clear spike in sales after each send.

Case Studies: Melbourne Storm

  • SMS Marketing Case Study: Melbourne Storm
  • SMS Competition Case Study: Melbourne Storm
  • 2-Way SMS Case Study: Melbourne Storm
Category: SMS | "Game Day promotions as well as membership communications via SMS"

Melbourne Storm needs no introductions - it is the premier Rugby League club in Australia. SL Interactive has been proudly powering all mobile and promotional activities for the club for a number of years.

The club uses its own dedicated SMS line 04585 STORM for all Game Day promotions as well as membership communications.

The SMS & Email Messenger is even used on daily basis by the coaching staff to keep all the players informed of changes in timetables, training and physio schedules etc. The Melbourne Storm Official App is also integrated with our SMS Gateway for push messages and text messages via the app.

Case Studies: Ice Break - Ice Coffee

  • SMS Competition Case Study: Ice Break
  • 2-Way SMS Competition Case Study: Ice Break
Category: SMS | "Buy a specially marked Ice Break-ice coffee and SMS the unique code inside the cap to win a sports car"

SL Interactive provided over 10 million unique codes to go into the caps of Ice Break coffee across Australia. The Campaign Manager handled the validation of SMS competition entries and each code was validated within 3 seconds of receiving the entry.

The client was able to track the campaign in real-time with thousands of entries received on every day of the promotion.

At the end of the promotion a winner of a $110k+ sports car was randomly drawn for one lucky winner.

Case Studies: Bombay Sapphire Gift Offer

  • Online Competition Case Study: Bombay Sapphire Gift Offer
Category: Web | "National proof of purchase campaign for Bacardi Lion with a unique code inside the packaging."

During the offer period, customers who purchased any specially marked bottles of Bombay Sapphire from a participating retail store in Australia and went online with their unique code, were eligible to receive a free Gourmet Traveller magazine subscription. Campaign Manager tracked all the unique codes and validated all the entries.

Every week a campaign report was given to the client with details such as entrant names, addresses, purchase locations, contact details as well as other metadata about the devices that they used to enter.

Case Studies: Dulux

  • Online Competition Case Study: Intergrain
  • Online Competition Case Study: Dulux
  • Online Giveaway Case Study: Dulux
  • Online Giveaway Case Study: Dulux 80 Years
Category: Web, SMS, Custom | "Various Trade Promotions, SMS campaigns, Gift with Purchase and Advocacy campaigns for the Dulux group"

Over the years we have setup and managed several different types of campaigns for the Dulux group. All campaigns are managed and fully automated by our different platforms: Campaign Manager for most Trade Promotions, Giveaways and Proof of Purchase campaigns, SMS Messenger for all SMS broadcasts with full Australian compliancy and Swipefied for Web Apps that act and behave like native apps, but work across all devices including desktops, laptops and tablets.

Case Studies: Fresh FM

  • SMS Song Request Case Study: Fresh FM
Category: SMS | "Live SMS song requests, competitions, giveaways and talkback for the station."

Fresh FM in South Australia is using SL Interactive's Campaign Manager on a daily basis. Listeners text in their song requests, participate in various competitions and regularly send questions, comments and their feedback to the stations announcers.

As the management of song requests has been fully automated, the staff has now more time to spend on quality programming. In addition, the 15,000+ messages the station receives every month now provides an entirely new revenue stream for the station.

Case Studies: F1 - Australian Grand Prix

  • SMS Competition Case Study: F1
  • SMS Competition Case Study: Melbourne Grand Prix
  • SMS Competition Case Study: Australian Grand Prix Corporation
Category: SMS | "On-track SMS competitions over the four-day competition weekend"

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation contacted SL Interactive in order to replace its coupon competitions of the past with an SMS entry mechanism.

Each day 50 ticket holders were awarded with an upgrade to Grand Stand seating during the 4-day competition weekend. The switch from coupon entries to SL Interactive´s SMS competition system provided the GP Corporation with cost savings of over $50,000 and more than doubled the number of entries of the past.